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Here at All Shine Auto Spa we offer various packages to fit your needs from 1 year protection up to 3 years of protection.  Prices vary according to the size and condition of the vehicle as well as steps needed  to achieve a high quality result. Please give us a call or send us an email for any inquires.

      Each Vehicle will receive the following:


  • Foam Wash

  • 2 Bucket Method

  • Iron Removal Treatment

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Air blow out to remove any excess water from exterior crevices

  • Prep work on exterior surface

  • 1 step polish to remove minor swirls and scratches 

  • Deep Clean wheels

  • Clean all windows 

  • Deep clean door jambs and Trunk Jambs 

  • Extra paint correction steps (If applicable)

  • Ceramic coating application of your choice

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